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Closing credits or end credits are added at the end of a motion picture, television program, or video game to list the cast and crew involved in the production. They usually appear as a list of names in small type, which either flip very quickly from page to page, or move smoothly across the background or a black screen. Credits may crawl either right-to-left (common in U.K. and some Latin American television programs) or bottom-to-top (common in films and U.S. television). The term credit roll comes from the early production days when the names were literally printed on a roll of paper and wound past the camera lens. Sometimes, post-credits scenes or bloopers are added to the end of films along with the closing credits.



Daniel Malkafly
Fabio Munhoz
Gabriela Cardoso
Isabela Cardoso
Alex Pinto
Social Media
Felippe Linhares
Tecnical Suport
Danilo Costa
Developer #1
Rafael Albuquerque
Developer #2
Adrian Borsati
Data Base Analysis
Leandro Miyabayashi
Designer #1
Lucas Isvairosvikh
Map markers
Loraine Vilches
Vinicius Moreira
Turkey partner
Ozgür Dinçer


Lead Moderator
Paloma Perachini
Moderator analysis
Gabriela Cardoso
Moderator #1
Gisele Souza
Moderator #2
Frank Alma
Moderator #3
Joe Magnata

Special Thanks

Cachorro Verde, Cantinho Animal, Diego Carneiro, Maitê Lima, Seiti Kaziami, Cecília Amodeo, FotoPet, Bruno Kenj, Juliana GM, Silvia Valadares, Lucas Romão, and more...

Special Thanks

Patricia Tajima, Eduardo Lobo, Thiago Cavaleiro, Rafael Albuquerque, Rafael D'andrea, Seiti Kaziami, Domenica Mendes, André Vasconcelos, Rogério Rodrigues, Andrea Borsati, Erico Albino (Babuu!), Júlio Carneiro

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